Academic Calendar Committee





The Academic Calendar Committee convenes annually to propose a calendar to the various campus constituency groups. The Academic Senate is required to recommend an approved calendar in consultation with the following groups: The California School Employees Association (CSEA), the Faculty Association (CODFA), the Office of Student Services, the Office of Instruction, Adjunct Association (CODAA), and the Associated Students of College of the Desert (ASCOD).

A Dean from Student Services or Instruction will present a proposed calendar(s) for review by each representative. Members of the committee will meet with their constituency groups, and a final meeting of the committee will be held in October. The approved calendar(s) will be recommended to the Board of Trustees no later than November of each year. This committee may also develop multi-year calendars for consideration by the constituencies.


  • ​Proposes academic calendar for campus approval. Calendar must satisfy all state requirements and collective bargaining contracts.

Meeting Schedule

As necessary, beginning spring and fall semester.

Reporting Relationship

Superintendent/President of the college sends proposed calendar to the Academic Senate


Superintendent/President of the college (or designee)


  • President of the Academic Senate (or designee)

  • Chair – Educational Policies & Practices Committee (or designee)

  • CODFA President (or designee)

  • CSEA President (or designee)

  • CODAA President (or designee)

  • Vice President, Human Resources and Employee Relations (or designee)

  • Vice President, Instruction (or designee)

  • Vice President, Student Services (or designee)

  • Dean, Student Services (or designee)

  • Dean, Instruction (or designee)

  • Scheduler (or designee)

  • ASCOD Representative

Date Last Revised

Senate Approved October 12, 2018