Appendix A

Education Code Section 70901 (B) (1) (E) OF AB 1725

  1. ​Education Code 70901 (b)(1)(E) of AB 1725 requires that the board of governors establish “Minimum standards governing procedures established by governing boards of community college districts to ensure faculty, staff, and students the right to participate effectively in district and college governance, and the opportunity to express their opinions at the campus level and to ensure that these opinions are given every reasonable consideration, and ​the right of the academic senates to assume primary responsibility for making recommendations in the areas of curriculum and academic standards.”

  2. The scope of the academic senate is in the area of academic and professional matters. Students have rights with regard to matters that have or will have a significant effect on students. Staff has rights in areas that have or will have a significant effect on staff. In particular, staff has governance rights in regard to the definitions or categories of positions or groups of positions other than faculty that compose the staff of the district and its college and the participation structures and procedures for the staff positions defined and categorized.


53200(c) Academic and Profession​al matters mean the following policy development and implementation matters:

  1. Curriculum, including, establish prerequisites and placing courses within disciplines

  2. Degree and certificate requirements

  3. Grading policies

  4. Educational program ​​development

  5. Standards or policies regarding student preparation and success

  6. District and college governance structu​res, as related to faculty roles

  7. Fac​ulty roles and involvemen​​t in accreditation processes, including self-study and annual reports

  8. Policies for faculty professional development activities

  9. Processes for program ​review

  10. Processes for institutional planning and b​​udget development, and

  11. Other academic and professio​nal matters as mutually agreed upon between governing board and academic senate


51025(b) Students, for the purpose of this section, means the following district and college policies and procedures that have or will have a significant effect on students:

  1. Grading polici​es

  2. Codes of student con​duct

  3. Academic disciplinary pol​icies

  4. Curriculum developm​ent

  5. Courses or programs which sho​uld be initiated or discontinued

  6. Processes for institutional planni​ng and budget development

  7. Standards and policies regarding stu​dent preparation and success

  8. Student affairs planning and d​evelopment

  9. Student fees within the authority of the dis​trict to adopt

  10. Any other district and college policy, procedure, or related matter that the district governing board determines will have a sig​nificant effect on students


Matters having a significant effect on staff are not defined in the Regulations except that there is a requirement that a district governing board “reasonably determines, in consultation with staff” that the matter has significant effect on staff [51023.5 (a) (4)].

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