Assessment of Planning and Outcomes Subcommittee


Other: Accreditation


Subcommittee of College Planning Council


Assess the performance of the college in relation to the goals and objectives specified in its strategic and operational plans


  • Lead the effort in the evaluation and modification of the planning and institutional effectiveness process, including the Strategic Master Plan

  • Evaluate and make recommendations regarding modifications to the process on a regular basis (with no more than a lapse of two years; Strategic Master Plan implementation strategies to be evaluated annually)

Meeting Schedule

Once a month or as needed; Second Thursday (or the day before a CPC meeting); 2:00 – 3:00pm; September-May

Reporting Relationship

Superintendent/President, College Planning Council



  • Vice President of Instruction, or designee

  • Outcomes and Assessment Committee Chair, or designee


Co-chairs are included in the membership.

  • Faculty (5)

    • Outcomes & Assessment Committee Chair (1)

    • Faculty (4) with minimum of 1 adjunct

  • Leadership (4)

  • Classified (1)

  • Student (1)

Total: 11 5 (Faculty) 4 (Leadership) 1 (Classified) 1 (Student)

Date Last Revised

Senate Approved December 13, 2019