The functions of College Planning Council shall be as follows:

  1. To discuss all campus-wide issues brought forward and make decisions as appropriate.

  2. To oversee the college’s strategic planning process.

  3. For matters reserved to the respective consultative groups by AB 1725, Title 5 regulations, and/or Desert Community College District Board of Trustees' Policy 2510, such matters will be discussed for informational purposes only. The Superintendent/President may use CPC for input and advice in these areas.

  4. Collective bargaining issues will likewise be discussed for informational purposes only.

  5. For matters not covered in 3 and 4 above, College Planning Council will determine which college organization, committee, and/or administrator will be responsible for the matter. Should no such means exist for handling an issue, College Planning Council may set up an ad-hoc committee with representatives from groups whose domain is affected.

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