1. Agenda-Building:

    1. Items may be placed on the agenda in the following ways:

      1. Items for discussion will usually be determined at the close of the previous meeting of CPC.

      2. A CPC member may request that an item be placed on the agenda by submitting it to the President’s Office at least one week prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting.

      3. At the outset of a meeting, a CPC member may request the inclusion of an item for discussion. The item will be placed last on the agenda unless otherwise agreed to by the members present. If there is not sufficient time to discuss the item, it will be carried over to the next agenda or a special meeting may be called.

      4. Members of the College of the Desert campus community may request that an item of college concern be placed on the agenda by contacting their representative at least seven working days prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting.

      5. The College Planning Council chair and vice chair will be responsible for developing and approving College Planning Council agendas. CPC members may request that an item be included on the agenda by completing the Agenda Item Request Form (Appendix B). The Superintendent/President (Chair) and Academic Senate President (vice chair) will review with CPC all requests not approved for agendas. CPC may decide by consensus to include items on a future agenda not approved by the College Planning Council chair and vice chair. All agenda items will be given a time allotment as appropriate for the item.

  2. Agenda Order:

    1. The normal order of the agenda for CPC meetings is:

      1. Approve minutes

      2. Consider the various agenda items

      3. Develop the next agenda

  3. Agenda Format:

    1. When items are submitted for the agenda, the member will include the purpose—reporting, problem-solving, planning, reacting, decision-making¹—and the approximate time needed. The member will also recommend the process to be used for that agenda item and if a facilitator is needed. (See Appendix B: Agenda Item Request Form).

    ¹ Sources: How to Make Meetings Work, Doyle and Straus.

  4. Distribution:

    1. Agenda packets will be distributed by the President’s Office in advance of meetings to the college community (administration, faculty (full-time and adjunct), classified staff, and ASCOD). Agendas will also be posted on the college portal.

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