Decision-Making / Recommendations

College Planning Council has been established to ensure faculty, staff, and students the right to participate effectively in a consultative environment. All actions and decisions made by College Planning Council are formal recommendations made to the Superintendent/President.

  1. Decision-Making: As the Superintendent/President relies upon the advice and judgment of College Planning Council, the consensus method relies upon general agreement of opinion based on reports, data, and information presented; recommendation arrived at through discussion and agreement of all of the constituents represented in College Planning Council. If consensus cannot be reached, Robert’s Rules of Order will be followed in reaching a recommendation.

  2. Recommendations: If the Superintendent/President or other primary decision-maker rejects a recommendation of College Planning Council, the Superintendent/President or other primary decision-maker will provide a written explanation to CPC members explaining the rationale for the rejection.

  3. Quorum: A quorum must be present in order to forward a specific recommendation to the Superintendent/President. In the absence of a quorum, discussion may take place, but final action must be taken at a later meeting when a quorum is present. For this purpose a quorum is defined as 50% plus one (1) of CPC’s voting members with, ideally, at least one member from each of the governance constituencies present. If the item of discussion is of a serious, critical or urgent matter and no quorum is present, the Superintendent/President may take action as appropriate.

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