College Planning Council


AB 1725




College Planning Council is an advisory committee to the Superintendent/President on college-wide issues, and serves as the primary policy and strategic planning recommendation group for the college, thereby establishing the charges to other units and committees in accomplishing specific tasks including, but not limited to, the following areas: classified staff development, Datatel​ implementation, diversity, health and welfare, safety, non-instructional programs, student equity, accreditation, bookstore, food service, strategic planning, and facilities.

CPC is responsible for reviewing the progress and accomplishments of the units and committees. CPC serves as the umbrella collegial consultation committee for the college and is a major participant in decision-making for the college.


  • College operational recommendations to the Superintendent/President

  • Feedback to Superintendent/President for matters reserved to the respective consultative groups by AB 1725, Title 5 regulations, and/or Desert Community College District Board of Trustees' Policy 2000

  • Feedback to Superintendent/President for strategic planning issues

  • For other matters, College Planning Council will determine which college organization, committee, and/or administrator will be responsible for the matter. Should no such means exist for handling an issue, College Planning Council may set up an ad-hoc committee with representatives from groups whose domain is affected.

Meeting Schedule

Second and fourth Fridays; September-May

Reporting Relationship



Chair: Superintendent/President

Vice Chair: Academic Senate President


  • Superintendent/President (1)

  • Academic Senate President (1)

  • Representatives from each Academic Unit (not to exceed 11)

  • CTA Union President or designee (1)

  • CODAA President or designee (1)

  • Adjunct Representative (1)

  • CSEA President or designee (1)

  • Classified Representative (1)

  • ASCOD President (1)

  • Student Trustee or designee (1)

  • Classified Supervisor (1)

  • Confidential (1)

  • Student Services & Instructional Deans (2)

  • Education Centers Director (1)

  • Executive Director of Educational Technology/Chief Technology Officer (1)

  • Vice Presidents of Administrative Services, Human Resources & Employee Relations, Instruction, and Student Services (4)

  • Executive Director of Institutional Advancement (non-voting) (1)

  • Director of Institutional Research (non-voting) (1)

  • Basic Skills Initiative Coordinator (non-voting) (1)

  • Outcomes & Assessment Committee Chair (non-voting) (1)

  • Director of Student Life (non-voting) (1)

Date Last Revised

Senate Approved April 4, 2011