Curriculum Committee


AB 1725


Academic Senate


  • Maintain the integrity and the quality of district curriculum

  • Secure curriculum consistency and balance

  • Ensure transferability of courses where appropriate

  • Play a progressive and proactive role in curriculum development

  • Promote critical thinking

  • Encourage a multicultural and global approach to education

  • Respond to the educational needs of the community

  • Ensure curriculum technical review


  • Approved course outlines per agreement with Chancellor’s office

  • Approved stand-alone courses per agreement with Chancellor’s office

  • Approved prerequisites

  • Approved general education course status

  • Approved transfer requests- subject to articulation agreements

  • Approved degree and certificate programs- new and modified- subject to Chancellor’s office approval.

  • Curriculum handbook

  • General education philosophy

  • Prerequisite verification

  • Prerequisite philosophy

Meeting Schedule

Twice monthly: September – May

Reporting Relationship

Academic Senate


Elected full-time faculty member


  • One representative from each Academic Unit

  • One representative from Adjunct faculty

  • One articulation officer, non-voting

  • Two curriculum specialists, non-voting

  • VP of Instruction or Administrative designee, Ex-officio, non-voting

Date Last Revised

Senate Approved April 27, 2017