Curriculum Technical Review Subcommittee


AB 1725


Academic Senate


The Curriculum Technical Review Committee is a standing subcommittee of the Academic Senate established to ensure high quality courses and programs are presented to the Curriculum Committee. The members assist course/program authors in meeting statutory and regulatory guidelines. They also check that all sections of the course and programs are filled out and all supporting documentation is attached. Support can include identifying spelling, grammatical, and formatting errors. Members provide review and feedback both online in curriculum management system and via email or phone.


  • Recommend modifications to course/program authors

  • Recommend courses for approval to the Curriculum Committee

  • Recommend programs for approval to the Curriculum Committee

Meeting Schedule

As needed, most work performed online

Reporting Relationship

Curriculum Committee


Curriculum Committee Chair, or designee approved by the Academic Senate


  • At least one faculty representative from each Academic Unit/Department

  • At least two adjunct faculty representatives

  • Distance Education Coordinator, or designee

  • One articulation officer

  • Two faculty representatives from Student Services

  • At least one faculty representative from the Library

  • Two curriculum specialists, non-voting

Date Last Revised

Senate Approved April 11, 2019