Distance Education Subcommittee


AB 1725


Academic Senate


In order to ensure high quality distance education offerings that are in alignment with best practices, state training requirements, and accessibility guidelines, the College of the Desert Distance Education Subcommittee, working under the auspices of the Educational Technology Committee, will work with faculty and students to provide distance educational course offerings that best meet the needs of our college community.


  • The DE Subcommittee will complete online course shell reviews using the Online Education Initiative rubric. Consistent standards in course development and online pedagogy will help ensure students’ success in distance education courses and will guide faculty with clear examples of model courses.

  • The DE Subcommittee will oversee training opportunities for faculty in order to provide faculty with desired professional development as it relates to Distance Education practices and to ensure faculty are certified in connection to Board of Trustees Administrative Procedure 4105.

  • The DE Subcommittee will assist in coordination of training opportunities for faculty, students and staff in order to ensure that course offerings are up-to-date with state and federal guidelines in areas of accessibility compliance.

Meeting Schedule

Once monthly: first Friday of the month 10:00am-12:00pm & approximately two hours of independent online shell review weekly

Reporting Relationship

Educational Technology & Distance Education/Academic Senate


Distance Education Coordinator or designee approved by the Academic Senate.


  • ​Up to 30 faculty

Date Last Revised

Senate Approved October 26, 2017