Disabled Students Programs and Services Advisory Committee


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Student Services


The Disabled Students Programs & Services (DSPS) Advisory Committee provides guidance and direction to the DSPS program and to College of the Desert as it relates to the needs of individuals with disabilities within the college community. The DSPS Advisory Committee provides for the exchange of information between public agencies, private business, disability and advocacy groups, and DSPS. The committee provides expertise on matters brought forward for consultation.


The DSPS Advisory Committee is not charged with nor established for the creation of specific outcomes. The committee is designed to exchange information and ideas related to the needs of individuals with disabilities and to advise the DSPS program. There are times when the committee must formally approve agenda items. One such example was the required approval of the College of the Desert Access Compliance Survey Report. The committee approved this prior to it being sent to the Board of Trustees for approval.

Meeting Schedule

One meeting in the fall semester and one meeting in the spring semester. Depending on need, an additional meeting is sometimes held.

Reporting Relationship

Vice President, Student Services


Director, Disabled Students Programs & Services


  • Members will serve two-year terms:

  • Braille Institute, Regional Director

  • Independent Business Owner(s)

  • Palm Springs City Disability Compliance, Supervisor

  • Department of Mental Health, Supervisor

  • Community Center, Program Manager

  • California State Department of Rehabilitation, Supervisor

  • California State Department of Rehabilitation, Counselor

  • Student Representative(s)

  • Instructional Computer Support Specialist/Alternative Media Specialist at COD

  • Counselor/Specialist at COD

  • Work Experience Faculty at COD

  • Adapted Kinesiology Instructor at COD

  • Faculty Employment Specialist at COD

  • Learning Disability Specialist at COD

  • ASL Coordinator at COD

  • Instructional Support Assistant/Instructional Support Specialist at COD

  • C​OD FT ASL Instructor

Date Last Revised

Senate Approved March 10, 2017​