Educational Policies and Practices Committee


AB 1725


Academic Senate


Serves as the primary recommending body on educational policies & practices relating to faculty and students, such as but not limited to academic standards, grading, assessment and matriculation, academic calendar, equivalency, and enrollment management


  • Adopt and revise educational policies and practices to fulfill the needs of our students, faculty, and staff

  • Develop and Recommend educational policies to the Academic Senate

  • Assess new or revised educational policies created by the Academic Senate

  • Analyze and review suggested changes in Senate Executive Committee policies and/or Senate Bylaws and Rules

  • Coordinate with the Curriculum committee regarding degree and certificate requirements

  • Respond to the educational needs of the community

  • Review and assess the implementation of the mission statement of the college

  • Ascertain legality of educational policies and practices

  • Support policies and practices that promote student access and growth

  • Review and assess the effectiveness of ongoing policies and programs

  • Suggest positions on proposed policies or changes in existing policies

  • Review policies and procedures regarding grading

  • Review policies and procedures regarding academic integrity

  • Ensure consistency and fairness among policies and practices

  • Develop policies to address ethical and online behavior

  • Assess standards or policies regarding student preparation and success

  • Respond to assignments given by the Superintendent/President or Senate Executive Committee.

Meeting Schedule

Twice monthly: 1st and 3rd Thursday, September - May

Reporting Relationship

Academic Senate


Elected full-time faculty member


  • One representative from each Academic Unit

  • One representative from Adjunct Faculty

  • One administrative representative, ex-officio, non-voting

Date Last Revised

Senate Approved February 8, 2018