Enrollment Management Committee



Subcommittee of College Planning Council


Coordinates and facilitates the development of discipline plans that enable the college to meet or exceed annual SIU/FTEF targets. Works in consultation and collaboration with faculty and administrators to allocate SIU and to set productivity targets.


  • Provides enrollment data and other supporting information to enable faculty in each discipline to develop discipline plans that correspond to the college’s productivity/enrollment targets.

  • Targets and maximizes student success, access, and equity.

  • Evaluates discipline plans and recommends them to the appropriate vice president for approval and scheduling.

Meeting Schedule

Second Wednesday of the month, 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Reporting Relationship

College Planning Council



  • Vice President of Instruction

  • Vice President of Student Services

  • Faculty Senate President


Voting members: 6 faculty (appointed by Faculty Senate), 6 administrators (appointed by Superintendent/President), and Superintendent/President. The 6 voting faculty will represent each Instructional Dean area (5), plus Counseling (1). Additional instructional faculty may be included to allow for representation by discipline or academic unit. However, only one faculty member from each Dean area will be a voting member. In this case, the voting member should consult with the non-voting member(s) before casting their vote. The voting member will rotate on an annual basis.

  • Superintendent/President

  • Vice President of Administrative Services

  • Vice President of Instruction

  • Vice President of Student Services

  • Dean of Applied Sciences & Business

  • Dean of Communication & Humanities

  • Dean of Counseling Services

  • Dean of Enrollment Services

  • Dean of Health Sciences & Education

  • Dean of Math & Science

  • Dean of Social Sciences & Arts

  • Faculty Member – Applied Sciences & Business

  • Faculty Member – Communication & Humanities

  • Faculty Member – Counseling

  • Faculty Member – Health Sciences & Education

  • Faculty Member – Math & Science

  • Faculty Member – Social Sciences & Arts

  • Faculty Senate President

  • Director of Admissions & Records

  • Director of Education Centers

  • Director of Institutional Research

  • Scheduler

  • ASCOD Representative

  • Classified Staff Representatives (2)

  • Adjunct Faculty Representative

Date Last Revised

Senate Approved May 12, 2017​