EOPS,CARE and Foster Youth Advisory Committee


Ed Code


Student Services


Each EOPS program shall have an advisory committee appointed by the Superintendent/ President of the college upon recommendation of the EOPS director. The purpose of the advisory committee is to assist the college in developing and maintaining effective extended opportunity programs and services. The term of each committee member shall be for two years, July 1 of the year of appointment to June 30 of the second succeeding year. Members may serve more than one term. The committee shall consist of no fewer members than the members of the local Board of Trustees. Members shall serve without compensation. Members may be reimbursed for necessary expenses incurred in performing their duties. The advisory committee should include representation from college personnel, EOPS students, local or feeder high schools, community and business sectors, and four-year colleges where possible. The advisory committee shall meet at least once during each academic year.

NOTE: Authority cited: Sections 69648, 69648.7 and 71020 Education Code. Reference: Sections 69640 through 69655 Education Code.


Discuss EOPS/CARE & FYS program issues in depth and assist in future program planning, problem solving, and program information dissemination.

Meeting Schedule

Meets once each semester

Reporting Relationship

Vice President, Student Services


Director, EOPS/CARE and Foster Youth Services


  • Director, EOPS/CARE and Foster Youth Services

  • EOPS/CARE Counselor

  • EOPS/CARE Staff Member

  • CalWORKs Coordinator/Counselor

  • CalWORKs Staff Member

  • Foster Youth Services Counselor

  • Foster Youth Services Staff Member

  • EOPS/CARE, and/or Foster Youth Services Student Representatives (3)

  • Dean of Counseling Services

  • Admissions Representative, California State University San Bernardino

  • High School Counselor from PSUSD, DSUSD, or CVUSD EOPS Representative, California State University San Bernardino

  • Former EOPS student from the community

  • TRIO Representative

  • Financial Aid Representative

  • General Counselor(s)

  • Instructional Faculty Representative

  • Designated Community Member

Date Last Revised

Senate Approved April 27, 2018