Equity Committee




Other: College Planning Council


  • To act as an advisory body on the equity plan and equity and diversity issues

  • To review and provide recommendations to the equity plan and activities

  • To promote an institutional learning culture of respect, understanding, and acceptance for all

  • To address issues of respectful treatment and educational equity for all campus constituents

  • To support and celebrate the varied cultural contributions of all campus constituents and community

  • To support efforts to seek resources for diversity programs and activities

  • To create a safe environment for open/constructive/ongoing discussion of diversity and respect

  • To collaborate with and respond to the community in implementing the mission of this council


  • Create the workgroup to assign and update the Student Equity Plan

  • Identify program(s) targeting respectful treatment and educational equity

  • Seek out opportunities to discuss diversity issues and ideals

  • Develop and implement a calendar of institutional events celebrating diversity

  • Continue to seek out funding for diversity activities

  • Support SEED groups and other similar proactive groups

Meeting Schedule

Monthly, September - May

Reporting Relationship

College Planning Council


Faculty Member (Co-Chair) appointed by faculty in the committee

Vice President or designee (Co-Chair)


  • Faculty appointed by the Academic Senate (One SEED leader) (6)

  • Department Chair, English (1)

  • Department Chair, Math (1)

  • Department Chair, Reading, Communication, Language (ESL representative) (1)

  • Classified Representative (1)

  • Institutional Research Director or designee (1) Fiscal Service Director or designee (1)

  • Leadership (2)

  • Student Representative (1)

  • Community Representative (1)

  • Open Committee - others are welcome to participate

Date Last Revised

Senate Approved September 8, 2017