Facilities Advisory Committee



Administrative Services


The Facilities Advisory Committee reviews existing facilities and utilization. The committee supports the College’s Educational Plan and Facilities Master Plan goals and objectives by promoting safe, adequate, well-maintained facilities that support excellence in education while maintaining the beauty and historical significance of our facilities.


  • Review Space Inventory Report

  • Review 5-year Capital Outlay Plan

  • Solicit input from various campus constituents to interface with the campus plan

  • Review facility requests and make recommendations in the following areas: space utilization, facility conditions, facility modernization and any other issues.

  • Provide guidance and input for the development and implementation of the Facilities Master Plan

  • Building Conditions and Standards for Classrooms

Meeting Schedule

Every month or as needed

Reporting Relationship

Executive Cabinet, then to College Planning Council


Vice President, Administrative Services


  • Vice President, Administrative Services

  • Dean Representative or designee

  • Director, Maintenance & Operations or designee

  • Director, Fiscal Services or designee

  • Director, Student Life or designee

  • Director, Kinesiology & Athletics or designee

  • Director, Education Centers (1) or designee

  • Academic Senate President or designee

  • Director, Institutional Research or designee

  • Faculty Representative or designee

  • CODFA Representative or designee

  • Adjunct Representative or designee

  • CODAA Representative or designee

  • Classified Representative (Preferably Scheduler) or designee

  • CSEA Representative or designee

  • Student Representative or designee

  • Executive Director, Bond Program and Facilities Planning or designee

Date Last Revised

April 24, 2020