Guided Pathways Pillar 2


AB 1725


Other: Guided Pathways


Collaborate with and advise the campus community on activities associated with the 2nd Pillar of the Guided Pathways Framework. Recommend and plan activities that support efforts to provide Academic and Student support that ‘Helps Students Enter the Path’.


  • Support Outreach Financial Aid process Application (matriculation services)

  • Review Orientation

  • Support Guided Self- Placement, Multiple Measures/ AB705 Implementing

  • Strengthen Advising Resources

  • Support student-friendly Registration process

  • Strengthen resources for major and career exploration

  • Support Student Ed Plans Contextualized academic support

  • Support​ First Year Experience

  • Support Non-Credit Matriculation

Meeting Schedule

Once a month or more frequently as needed

Reporting Relationship

Guided Pathways Steering Committee


Faculty Co-Chair, Leadership Co-Chair


  • Counselor – 2

  • Instructional Faculty – 3

  • A&R Director or Designee

  • Director Financial Aid

  • Lead Financial Aid Specialist

  • Asst. Director FYE

  • TASC Director

  • Students – 2

  • Library Director or Designee

  • Director of Systems Management and MIS Operations

  • Information Systems Classified Staff

  • Instructional Dean

  • EDGE Outreach Specialist

  • Director of Non-credit or Designee

  • Career Services Representative (classified, faculty or management)

Date Last Revised

Senate Approved April 25, 2019