Guided Pathways Pillar 3


Other: Guided Pathways


Student Services



Collaborate with and advise the campus community on goals and activities associated with the 3rd Pillar of the Guided Pathways Framework. Recommend and plan activities that ‘Help Student Stay on the Path’ and support Guided Exploration and Progression.


  • Support counseling services aligned with Guided Pathways goals

  • Categorical areas and how they integrate into Guided Pathways

  • Student support and retention at unit completion (12/24/36/48/60)

  • Student disqualifications and petitions procedures

  • Early alert method

  • Intrusive Advising

  • Support student-friendly graduation process

  • Support adequate TASC/Tutoring/writing centers resources

  • Faculty Development aligned with Guided Pathways

  • Support student Life / extra-curricular / activities / engagement

Meeting Schedule

Once a month or more frequently as needed

Reporting Relationship

Guided Pathways Steering Committee


Faculty Co-Chair, Leadership Co-Chair


  • Counselors – 2 (including 1 special program)

  • Instructional Faculty – 5 (including 1 CTE & 1 Gen Ed)

  • Students – 2

  • Instructional Dean

  • Admissions & Record classified staff

  • Director of Student Life

  • Director of Admissions

  • TASC Director

  • Faculty Development Chair or Designee

  • VP Student Services

  • Librarian

  • Director of Systems Management and MIS Operations

  • EDGE Outreach Specialist

  • Public Information Officer

Date Last Revised

Senate Approved April 25, 2019