Information Systems and Technology Committee





The role of the Information Systems and Technology Committee is to make recommendations to the Superintendent/President and College Planning Council regarding:

  • Software to enhance the functionalities of existing administrative information systems
  • Software and/or processes to improve the integration between administrative information systems
  • Procedures and processes to improve the use of administrative information systems; technology and related best practices and standards
  • Innovative Technology


Portal publication of Information Systems and Technology Committee:

  • Meeting Minutes

  • Annual update to the Technology Initiatives Appendix of the Technology Master Plan

  • Annual Technology surveys for faculty and Staff

Meeting Schedule

Second Tuesday of the Month, 3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Reporting Relationship

The Information Systems and Technology Committee reports to CPC.


Executive Director, Educational Technology


  • Executive Director, Educational Technology

  • Dean, Counseling Services (or designee)

  • Director, Admissions & Records (or designee)

  • Director, Financial Aid (or designee)

  • Director, Systems Management & MIS Operations (or designee)

  • Director, Institutional Research (or designee)

  • Chair, Educational Technologies Committee (or faculty designee)

  • Director, Fiscal Services (or designee)

  • Director, Disabled Students Programs & Services (or designee)

  • Director, Human Resources & Employee Relations (or designee)

  • Instructional Dean (or designee)

  • President, ASCOD (or student designee)

  • Classified Staff Representative (or alternate)

Date Last Revised

Senate Approved November 12, 2018​