Matriculation,Student Success and Support Program Advisory Committee


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Student Services


The role of the Matriculation/Student Success and Support Program (SSSP) Advisory Committee is to advise the campus community on policies and procedures as they relate to the implementation of the required matriculation components which include: admissions, orientation, assessment, counseling/advisement, student follow-up, coordination and training, and research and evaluation.


Recommendations with regard to the above mentioned matriculation components will be made to College Planning Council, the appropriate Academic Senate committees, and to the appropriate student services areas. Additionally, the Matriculation/SSSP Advisory Committee will be responsible for updating the college’s SSSP Credit and Non-credit plans on a periodic basis as prescribed by the Chancellor’s Office.

Meeting Schedule

Meets once each semester

Reporting Relationship

The Matriculation/SSSP Advisory Committee reports to College Planning Council.


Vice President, Student Services or designee

Faculty Member (Co-Chair) appointed by faculty in the committee


  • Vice President, Student Services

  • Dean, Instruction

  • Dean, Counseling Services

  • Dean, Enrollment Services

  • Director, Disabled Students Programs & Services or designee

  • Chair, Educational Policies & Practices Committee or designee

  • 2 Counseling Faculty (at least one non-credit counseling faculty)

  • 2 Instructional Faculty (at least one non-credit instructional faculty)

  • 1 Adjunct Faculty

  • 1 Assessment Testing Specialist (Classified Staff)

  • 1 Special Programs Counselor

  • 1 Student Representative

Date Last Revised​

Senate Approved April 7, 2017