Outcomes and Assessment Committee


AB 1725


Academic Senate


The Outcomes and Assessment Committee’s mission is to ensure that the college goes through an ongoing, systematic process that clarifies and improves achievement of learning outcomes at every level from institutional, program, degree, certificate, and course with specific emphasis on student success. The Outcomes and Assessment Committee works with faculty and staff to ensure the methods of assessment of institutional learning outcomes, program learning outcomes, and course student learning outcomes are aligned and consistent across the college.


  • Provide support and serve as resource to programs completing the Program Enhancement process.

  • Ensure ongoing evaluation of the Program Enhancement process.

  • Assist in establishing a procedure for assessing institutional learning outcomes.

  • Establish and maintain program, degree, certificate, and course level student learning outcomes.

  • Assist in establishing and maintaining an assessment schedule for all levels of outcome assessment (SLO, PLO, and ILO).

  • Support the development of student learning outcomes and assessment in alignment with accreditation standards.

  • Facilitate programs in the evaluation of the quality and effectiveness of their own assessment processes and in analyzing the results of assessment to improve learning and services.

  • Evaluate the quality and effectiveness of the overall assessment process.

  • Provide the forum to address questions arising from the implementation and use of assessment.

  • Educate faculty, staff, and administrators on student learning outcomes and assessment.

Meeting Schedule

Monthly, September - May

Reporting Relationship

Academic Senate


Elected faculty member


  • Outcomes and Assessment Chair

  • One representative from each Academic Unit

  • One representative from adjunct faculty

  • One administrative representative, ex-officio, non-voting

Date Last Revised

Senate Approved March 14, 2019