Outreach and Training Subcommittee



Subcommittee of College Planning Council


Serve as a communication link between College Planning Council and the institution


  • Provide information to faculty, staff, and students regarding planning, program review, and CPC processes

  • In collaboration with the Institutional Advancement Office, create and provide training for faculty, staff, and students on identified college goals and objectives as requested

  • Provide an orientation meeting for all ongoing and newly elected CPC members at the beginning of the academic year to include, but not limited to:

  • AB 1725 provisions

  • Procedures/decision-making

  • Scope of membership

  • CPC Handbook

  • Relationship to district/collegial consultation

  • Planning processes and procedures

  • ​Acronyms

  • Responsible for the annual coordination and dissemination of CPC Handbooks

Meeting Schedule

At minimum, will meet once per semester and as needed on the first Wednesday of the monthfrom 3 pm to 4pm.

Reporting Relationship

Superintendent/President, College Planning Council


Co-Chairs: Vice President (or designee) and faculty co-chair elected by the faculty members of the committee


  • Faculty (5) – at least one of which must be adjunct faculty

  • Leadership (5) – at least one of which is a Vice President (or designee)

  • Executive Director of Institutional Advancement (or designee)

  • Classified (2)

  • Student (1)

Date Last Revised

December 13, 2019