​Professional Development Committee




Human Resources


  • To make recommendations for staff and leadership professional development, in coordination with the Faculty Development Committee throughout the College
  • To assist in the assessment for professional development needs of the College
  • To assist in shaping the College’s cultural and institutional policies and practices that demonstrate a commitment to professional development
  • To assist in the creation and revision of a Professional Development Plan and act as an advisory body on the Professional Development Plan
  • To support efforts to identify possible funding sources for professional development programs and activities
  • To support faculty, staff, and leadership in creating professional development opportunities


  • Identification of program(s) and training targeting employee professional development
  • Develop a comprehensive calendar of institutional professional development opportunities
  • Provide annual reports on professional development activities
  • Provide an annual survey for professional needs of the College 

Meeting Schedule

Monthly, September – May, and as needed by the committee members

Reporting Relationship

College Planning Council


  • Vice President of Human Resources or Designee (Co-Chair)
  • Faculty Development Committee Chair (Co-Chair)


  • Faculty appointed by the Academic Senate (One Adjunct) (2)
  • Leadership (2)
  • Classified Representative (2)
  • Student Representative (1)
  • Executive Director, Institutional Advancement or Designee
  • Distance Education Instructional Technology Coordinator
  • Guided Pathways Representative as appointed by chair(s) (1)
  • Diversity Committee Representative as appointed by chair(s) (1)
  • Open Committee – others are welcome to participate

Date Last Revised

March 12, 2020