Professional Growth Committee


Other: Collective Bargaining Committee


Human Recourses


The Classified Professional Growth Program is designed to provide an incentive for unit members to further their education, skills, and training as it relates to their current work assignment. This educational program will enhance job performance as well as services for the student, the district, and the community by doing the following:

  1. Improve the standard of service

  2. Improve on-the-job performance

  3. Promote technological advancements

  4. Provide opportunities for personal growth

  5. Provide opportunities for advancement


  • Provide approval for a planned course of study leading to improving skills related to the unit member's present position or which prepares the unit member for advancement to a position with the district, or prepares the unit member for a new career

  • To review applications for professional growth from members of classified staff for reimbursement in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement

Meeting Schedule

Meets at least once each semester

Reporting Relationship

Vice President, Administrative Services then to College Planning Council


Vice President, Human Resources and Employee Relations


  • Vice President, Human Resources and Employee Relations

  • Senior Human Resource Technician (recorder)

  • CSEA appointment (3)

  • Administrative representative (Leadership Group) (1)

Date Last Revised

Senate Approved September 29, 2009​