Transfer Advisory Committee


Ed Code


Student Services


To examine the resources available to transfer students at College of the Desert. The committee will evaluate the transfer resources available to COD students and whether they are effective in meeting the needs of our student. The committee will provide recommendations that will allow for greater awareness of transfer resources to both students and COD faculty. The committee will provide feedback on the current resources with regards to their effectiveness and make recommendations to improve current services. The committee will generate new ideas for transfer resources and services for COD students.


  • Evaluation of current resources and feedback for improvement

  • Recommendation for new or improved resources that will increase the awareness and use of the Transfer Center and its resources

Meeting Schedule

Meets once per semester

Reporting Relationship

Director of Counseling, then to Vice President of Student Services, then to College Planning Council


Transfer Counselor


  • Director of Counseling & Advising Services

  • Dean of Student Services & Instruction , or designee

  • CSU Representative

  • UC Representative

  • Articulation Officer

  • Director, EOPS, CARE, and Foster Youth Services

  • TRIO Project Director

  • Transfer and Career Centers Specialist

  • 2 Instructional Faculty

  • Counselor

  • MESA Director

  • Student

Date Last Revised

Senate Approved April 28, 2017