Auditions: The Rimers of Eldritch

The Performing Arts Department is holding auditions for the spring show, "The Rimers of Eldritch." Auditions are on Feb. 5 and 6. The show is by Lanford Wilson.


Auditions will be held in Theatre Too on Monday, Feb. 5, and Tuesday, Feb. 6, from 6:30-9:30 p.m. Auditions will be by reservation. Please email Professor Miller at to schedule your preferred time slot.

For the initial audition, please prepare a 1 minute dramatic monologue, memorized.
For callbacks, sides from the show will be provided.


Will be on Wednesday, Feb. 7 from 6:30-9:30 p.m. in Theatre Too.


Begin Monday Feb. 12 in Theatre Too. The rehearsal schedule is Monday through Thursday from 6:15-9:40 p.m., until tech week, starting Saturday, Mar. 10.

Performance schedule:

7 p.m. on Friday, March 16, Saturday, March 17, Friday, March 23, and Saturday, March 24.

3 p.m. on Sunday, March 18 and Sunday, March 25.

Class includes striking the set after closing performance.


The ages listed are for the original cast. They are included for informational purposes only. Please do not let the age of the characters deter you from auditioning.

  • Eva Jackson (female, 14) “crippled” (weak legs and back), but more capable than her mother believes. Naturally sociable, but her isolation has left her somewhat childish when it comes to interacting with others. Robert is her only friend; their relationship has a little sister/big brother dynamic, but also the potential for mutual affection and romance. Eva tries to see how far she can push Robert, but fears losing his affection.

  • Evelyn Jackson (female, middle-aged) Eva’s mother. Her life focus is on taking care of her “crippled” daughter. She is both overprotective of Eva, and suspicious of her. Clings to Christianity for solace and defense, and uses Christian morality to attack people who threaten her or her child.

  • Nelly Windrod (female, middle-aged) Mary’s daughter. Runs the grain mill. On trial for shooting Skelly. She is respected and pitied for taking care of her elderly mother, but in private, she can lose her temper with Mary to the point of threats and blows. Capable and determined, she is concerned with her reputation, and frustrated with her lot in life.

  • Mary Windrod (female, elderly) Nelly’s mother. Starting to become senile, and disturbed by dreams of blood and violence. Spends a lot of time watching the town from her window, and is often disgusted by what she sees. Enjoys her pets (living and dead), her memories, and talking to the young people in town.

  • Patsy Johnson (female, 16-17) Daughter of Mavis and Peck; younger sister of Josh. Hates living in Nowheresville; wants nice clothes, nice cars and a more exciting life than the ones she sees around her. Her main entertainment is dating/sleeping with young men, including Walter. Best friends with Lena.

  • Mavis Johnson (female, middle-aged) Wife of Peck, mother of Patsy and Josh. Very focused on her family. Her children disappoint her. Conservative, concerned with propriety and appearances.

  • Lena Truit (female, 16-17) Patsy’s best friend, Martha’s daughter. She’s neither as discontent nor as daring as Patsy, but she likes to hear about her friend’s adventures and, even if she doesn’t always approve, she keeps it to herself. She is dating Josh, who is older than she is. Lena assumes they’ll get married someday, but doesn’t want to sleep with him before that, though he’s pressuring her.

  • Martha Truit (female, middle-aged) Lena’s mother. Martha and Wilma spend most of their time together on the front porch gossiping. Martha is the follower in her friendship with Wilma, as Lena is to Patsy.

  • Wilma Atkins (female, middle-aged) One of the town gossips and arbiters of morality. She and Martha are the center of female social life in Eldritch. She always has an opinion on what everyone is doing and what they ought to be doing.

  • Cora Groves (female, middle-aged) Runs the truck stop/café. An outcast. Her husband left her and she doesn’t always conform to other people’s ideas of appropriate behavior. Doesn’t care much what other people think about her. Warm, loving, independent, willing to stand up for the underdog.

  • Robert Conklin (male, 18) Recently graduated. Lives in the shadow of his popular older brother, who died in a car racing accident. Eva is his only friend, but he’s afraid to depend too much on her affection, and where his affection for her might lead. Basically decent, but his self-doubt and frustration eventually explodes into violence.

  • Peck Johnson (male, middle-aged) A farmer, Mavis’s husband, Patsy and Josh’s father. Has a “boys will be boys” attitude towards Josh’s wild behavior, but is strict and unforgiving with Patsy. Domineering, competitive, macho.

  • Josh Johnson (male, early 20s) Patsy’s older brother, son of Peck and Mavis. Dating Lena. Self-centered and malicious. He hazes Skelly for fun, and expresses his affection for Lena by pressuring her to sleep with him.

  • Skelly Mannor (male, elderly) The town homeless man and general scapegoat. Crude, rambling, honest; tells things like they are. He tries to help the good people in town, but his efforts don’t produce good results. Ends up being shot by Nelly.

  • Preacher/Judge (male, any age) The preacher and judge are two different characters played by the same actor; they merge into each other when speaking from the bench or pulpit. They give voice to the hypocrisy and judgmental nature of the townspeople. (The Judge/Preacher is more stylized than the other characters.) The Judge is also a farmer who has his opinions about local events.

  • Walter (male, 20s) A young drifter, new to town. Has a romantic relationship with Cora (an older woman), but also sleeps with Patsy. Charming, but a man of little words. He likes people, but figures he doesn’t owe them anything, and wants to keep it that way.

  • Trucker (male, any age) The Trucker doesn’t live in town, but passes through regularly. Ordinary working guy. (The actor doubles as male residents.)