QLESS Technology Available to Students

The Financial Aid & Admissions Office on the Palm Desert Campus is excited to announce Qless!

Students can now use our new Qless system to alleviate the need to stand in line for financial aid and admissions. Students will receive notifications through their cell phone and screen monitors, located at the Cravens Student Services Center in Palm Desert, which will keep them informed about any wait time. When prompted, students will be able to come straight to the window assigned.

Now students can virtually check-in to a line without standing in line or being physically on campus. College of the Desert student using Qless system

Qless allows students to:

  • Join a virtual line
  • Receive wait time updates
  • Manage their spot in line
  • Receive notifications when it’s their turn to go to the counter

There are several ways prospective and currents students can join the Qless system:

  1. Use the kiosk at the Cravens Student Services Center, 2nd Floor
  2. Text “Roadrunner” to 760.918.4778 and follow the instructions provided

In addition to the above ways to sign in students, may also download the Qless app for either IOS or Android. Our QLess website also provides the text commands that allows students to obtain status updates, request additional time if delayed, ask for assistance and also leave the line.

We hope that the addition of QLess to our Palm Desert enrollment services area will be a benefit to our students and increase student success.