Spring Classes Available

Seats are available in a wide variety of disciplines, including Administration of Justice, Automotive Technology, Art, Digital Design, Culinary Arts, Music, Dance and more.

For a complete list of open classes, please visit the “Classes Still Available” link located on the left side of our homepage.

Interested in the Arts? We have several classes still available.

ANTHROPOLOGY 001 (6525, 3775) – Physical Anthropology at INDIO! Section 6525 meets W from 2-5:5pm. and section 3775 meets MW from 5:15-6:35pm. Want to learn more about human origins and evolution...? Learn about your fellow primates including monkeys and apes? Curious about how humans walk on two feet and about human nutrition? Do you want to fulfill a GE requirement? Take this course!

ANTHROPOLOGY 002 (6557) – Cultural Anthropology. TTH from 7-8:20pm. Learn about your fellow human beings, yourself as a human, and the diversity and history of human culture. This is a GE class and in the evenings scheduled for working students!

GLOBAL STUDIES (6155) – Global Issues. TTH 11am-12:20pm. This course introduces students to the origins, current status, and future trends of major transnational issues confronting the global community.

MUSIC 022A (1857) – VOICE I. TTH from 6:30-8:35pm. This course involves group study of the foundations of vocal production, technique and diction and their application to all styles of singing from pop to classical. It is designed for the non-music major.

MUSIC 023 (1863) – Commercial Vocals. MW from 12:30-2:35pm. This course is an introduction to the basic principles of vocal production as they apply to singing songs from contemporary commercial idioms, including popular songs, jazz, gospel, Broadway show tunes, and track singing.

MUSIC 078A (1979) – Digital Audio I. MW from 1:30-4pm. This course is an introduction to the history, theory and practice of using computer music software, synthesizers and MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface).

MUSIC 091 (1921) – Musical Theatre Workshop. TTH from 9am-12:05pm. This course explores the techniques and practices of musical theatre performance. Students are exposed to the creative process as they utilize and exercise skills necessary to all three areas of musical theatre performance: acting, singing, and dancing.

MUSIC 033 (1991) Do you miss playing an instrument? The College offers a one-unit Symphonic Band course that meets on Wednesday evenings. We accept all levels of experience, and can accommodate just about anyone.

DANCE 073A (2067) and 073B (2061) – Dance, Jazz. TTH from 3:30-5:35pm. This course introduces instruction in jazz dance technique.

DANCE 075 (2073) – Dance, Tap. T from 3:30-5:35pm. This course provides instruction in basic tap dance steps and simple choreography forms for the improvement of coordination and physical conditioning.

DANCE 076A (2077) and 076B (2071) – Dance, Ballet. MW from 3:30-5:35pm. This course provides instruction in beginning ballet technique and terminology.

FILM 023 (1509) – Contemporary American Film. TH from 6-9:05pm. Study of the changes of the Hollywood studio system, alternative productions, and independent film since the 1960s.