Student Laptop Plan

College of the Desert offers a Student Laptop Plan for students who wish to purchase an affordable laptop. Students can choose between two laptop options to purchase:

A Chromebook with Google Office*, 14-inch, non-touch laptop.

An HP Laptop with Windows 10 Home* operating system, 15.6-inch, HP Standard touchscreen laptop.

Students can enroll in our Student Laptop Plan by signing up with one of the following options. Please read the details of each option, and select the option that is most appropriate for you.

Enroll with financial aid funds – you can pay with your excess financial aid disbursement funds. Please note, if there are changes to your financial aid package, you will still be responsible for the laptop fees.

Bill the laptop to your student account – you can pay in full now or pay off the balance by the end of the semester in increments that meet your budget.  

*Download the free program.  

For more information about the Student Laptop Plan, visit the College’s website or contact us at

Student with laptop