College of the Desert Statement in Support of Ukraine

College of the Desert denounces the unconscionable and unprovoked Russian assault on Ukraine. We stand with those across higher education and the world in condemning this shocking invasion of a peaceful, independent, and democratic nation.

We are deeply troubled by this act of violence, watching from afar as Ukrainian citizens fight for their homeland, flee to safety, and unite in protest of the attacks. This war is horrendous for the people of Ukraine and takes a devasting humanitarian toll that has likely only just begun. 

The College is committed to supporting any members of our campus community who have been impacted by this atrocity, particularly students from Ukraine or those who have family there. The tragic events that we are experiencing via news and social media reports impact us all differently. To seek assistance stemming from these traumatic events, students can schedule an appointment with the Student Health and Wellness Center at 760-776-7211. Faculty and staff can contact the Employee Assistance Program at 800-899-7222.

The U.S. State Department has shared the following website with information for those seeking to support Ukraine and its people:  
The College remains hopeful that the heroic efforts by the Ukrainians against this aggression and the solidarity from the U.S. government, NATO allies, and all countries who value democracy will triumph.