Statement from Dr. Martha Garcia on Decision to Relocate Roadrunner Motors

“As Superintendent/President of College of the Desert, I am committed to ensuring that the decisions we make today take into account what is in the best interest of our students, faculty, staff, and community for years to come.” 

“We are seeking information about alternative sites, including locations within Cathedral City, to build Roadrunner Motors. Data points we are assessing include the cost to acquire land, construction expenses, labor market indicators, and student enrollment. The data will be presented to the Board of Trustees and will play an integral role in the decision to finalize a location for the advanced automotive and technology program.”

“Based on our initial analysis, the current location will increase the original project budget by more than $13 million, which is about a 67% increase in costs. Additionally, due to the land slope and elevation challenges, the Cathedral City site would only increase the physical space from our existing location by a little more than 700 square feet. These are factors we must weigh as we plan for future expansion opportunities.”

“Looking holistically at the program and the data are critical to ensuring that we are providing access to our students and finding the best possible long-term home for our advanced automotive and technology program. We have not identified an alternate site, and we have not excluded Cathedral City from our search. Our goal is to find a suitable location that meets student, district, and community needs.” 

“Ultimately, the Board of Trustees will make the final decision regarding the program’s location. It is vital that the community is aware that when there are increased costs, it will impact future bond projects as less funding is available.” 

“As I stated yesterday, I strongly believe in the Roadrunner Motors concept, and I remain confident that we will find a solution that furthers the best interest of our students.”