Book Preauthorization

A credit will be pre-authorized for CA resident students awarded a Pell Grant AND enrolled at least half-time (6 units) to purchase books through the COD Bookstore.

Bookstore charges will be posted to your student account which will be deducted from your first disbursement.

For students who have been awarded the Pell grant and are in good standing the following information can be used to determine how much bookstore credit will be received:

Estimated Family Contribution vs Bookstore credit amount
FAFSA EFC Range Bookstore Pre-Authorization Amount
0 to 3700 $5​​00.00
3701 to 4,600 $250.00

Please note, amount awarded will also depend on units enrolled in. Students who qualify for the Book Preauthorization and are enrolled in less than 12 units will receive $250.00.

The credit authorizations for the Fall and Spring term will be available approximately a week before the first day of the term. This program is not available during the winter or summer term.

Students not wishing to use the Book Preauthorization will receive the full first disbursement of their Pell Grant.

Qualifying students may request an increase to their authorization to purchase books above their initial authorization by reaching out to the Financial Aid Office.