Guided Pathways

Pillar 3 Team

  • Sara Butler
    Instructional Dean, Co-Chair

  • Donna Greene
    Faculty Development Committee Chair, Co-Chair

  • Christine Schaefer

  • Jenna Huntzinger
    Special Programs Counselor

  • Dan Cooper
    Instructional Faculty

  • Heather Benes
    Instructional GE

  • Lisa Kinsey

  • Lakeshia McKenzie

  • Carlos Maldonado
    Director of Student Life

  • Curt Luttrell
    Director of Admissions and Records

  • Marion Champion
    Public Information Officer

  • Tiffany Abeytia
    Sr. Financial Aid Specialist

  • Daniel Aucutt
    TASC Director

  • Claudia Derum

  • Florante Roa
    Dir of Sys. Mngmnt and MIS Op

  • Leslie Quinones
    Unofficial Attendee non-voting

  • Yazzmine De Leon

  • Jaymi Triplett

  • Christen Smith

  • Susan Magdaleno
    Student Worker

Guided Pathways
Pillar 3 Team


Collaborate with and advise the campus community on goals and activities associated with the 3rd Pillar of the Guided Pathways Framework. Recommend and plan activities that ‘Help Student Stay on the Path’ and support Guided Exploration and Progression.

Products and Goals

  • Support counseling services aligned with Guided Pathways goals

  • Categorical areas and how they integrate into Guided Pathways

  • Student support and retention at unit completion (12/24/36/48/60)

  • Student disqualifications and petitions procedures

  • Early alert method

  • Intrusive Advising

  • Support student-friendly graduation process

  • Support adequate TASC, Tutoring, and writing centers resources

  • Faculty Development aligned with Guided Pathways

  • Support student life, extra-curricular, activities, and engagement

Meetings Dates and Time Meetings Dates and Time

In an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19, officials from the Riverside County Public Health Department issued a mandate closing all community colleges, preschools, K-12 public, private and charter schools, and universities in the county between March 16 and April 30, 2020. All College of the Desert facilities are closed.​

The current pandemic has impacted our meeting schedule. Meeting dates for the 2020-2021 academic school year will be posted here when they are available.

​​​​Minutes and Agendas​​

Meeting Date Meeting Agenda Meeting Minutes
2019-02-01 View Agenda No Minutes
2021-05-14 No Agenda View Minutes
2021-03-12 No Agenda View Minutes
2019-02-01 View Agenda View Minutes
2019-02-22 No Agenda View Minutes
2019-03-01 View Agenda View Minutes
2019-03-15 View Agenda View Minutes
2019-04-05 View Agenda View Minutes
2019-04-26 View Agenda View Minutes
2019-05-03 View Agenda No Minutes
2019-05-17 View Agenda No Minutes
2019-09-13 View Agenda View Minutes
2019-09-27 View Agenda View Minutes
2019-10-11 View Agenda View Minutes
2019-10-25 View Agenda View Minutes
2019-11-08 View Agenda View Minutes
2019-11-22 View Agenda View Minutes
2020-05-01 View Agenda View Minutes