General Education Blocks at the
Mecca/Thermal Campus

College of the Desert is pleased to commit to offering a guaranteed two-year General Education (GE) schedule at the Mecca/Thermal Campus starting in the Fall 2021 semester. Upon completion, students earn a Certificate of Achievement meeting the GE requirements to transfer to many four-year institutions, including the California State Universities (CSU) and the University of California (UC) schools.

Students may choose from convenient Monday/Wednesday and/ or Tuesday/Thursday block schedules. The flexible schedules allow students to take a full-time course load while also incorporating major coursework during the day, evening, or weekend at our many campus locations, or online.

These afternoon classes also allow local high school students to engage in concurrent enrollment opportunities and earn college credit while still in high school.

College of the Desert will offer the following classes on either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday afternoons during the Fall 2020 semester.

Monday and Wednesday

Math (MATH) 010

Monday through Thursday
8:30 am to 9:10 am
9:10 am to 9:50am

English (ENG) 061A

M/W 10:00am to 12:05pm

Natural Resources

M/W 1:25pm to 2:45pm

Music (MUS) 005

M/W 3:00pm to 4:20pm

History (HIST) 018

M/W 4:30pm to 5:50pm

Tuesday and Thursday

Math (MATH) 010

Monday through Thursday
8:30 am to 9:10 am
9:10 am to 9:50am

Sociology (SOC) 003

T/TH 8:30am to 9:50am

English (ENG) 01A

T/TH 10:00am 12:05pm

Psychology (PSY) 001

T/TH 3:00pm to 4:20pm

Communication 001

T/TH 4:30 to 5:50pm

How do I enroll?

The first step to enrolling at College of the Desert is to complete the COD online application by visiting the COD homepage, and clicking on the green and white "Apply Now" icon. If you are having difficulty with the online application, support is available. You may email the EDGE team at, or the Education Centers Team at

Is there online help for registration?

Students interested in the West Valley General Education pathway, or any other College of the Desert program, should schedule an appointment with a Counselor to discuss all degree and certificate options. To schedule an online appointment, visit the counseling website or call 760-773-2521.

What are the key benefits to the General Educational Block program?

  • Guaranteed Schedule for Completion
  • Complete all GE Transfer Courses
  • Earn a Certificate of Achievement in General Education

Is there a fee?

Eligible students may attend tuition-free by participating in plEDGE. Non plEDGE participants pay standard tuition and fees.

What is COD's plEDGE program?

The plEDGE program provides high school graduates (or equivalent) from the Coachella Valley with two years of free tuition and fees.

How do I qualify for the plEDGE program?

To qualify for the tuition-free plEDGE, students must participate in the Summer 2020 EDGE. The 2020 Summer EDGE is completely online, and will be held at various times. To see all EDGE dates, visit the COD homepage and select the plEDGE icon, or visit the plEDGE site.

Is the certificate transferable to CSU's and UC's?

Students earning a General Education (GE) Certificate of Achievement meets the GE requirements needed to transfer to UC's, CSU's, and many other four-year institutions.