Campus Meal Plan

College of the Desert offers a campus meal plan for students who wish to eat on campus and obtain a great deal for their money. Students can use their COD student ID card as a way to pay for their campus meal at Beeps Café. Beeps Café services is only available at Palm Desert campus.

Beeps Café offers a variety of meals for students to choose from and select.The Café provides affordable breakfast, lunch, and dinner options with special discounts to those who enrolled in the COD campus meal plan.

Please visit Beeps Café to see the range of options students can choose for their campus meal plan as well as their hours of operations.

Students can enroll in our campus meal plan by signing up with one of the two options offered on campus. Please read the details of each option and select what is most appropriate for you.

  1. Enroll with financial aid funds

  2. Pay with personal funds

Once your authorization form has been processed, your student ID card will be the official way to pay for your campus meal plan. It takes two business days for the form to be processed. You can start using your campus meal plan program on the third business day. You will swipe your COD student identification to purchase your campus meal. With each transaction, you will know your remaining balance from your original amount of purchase.

All forms must be submitted to the appropriate department.

Shall you have any questions about the campus meal plan, please contact us at