Associated Students of College of the Desert

ASCOD Roadrunner LogoIn keeping with the philosophy of College of the Desert, the responsibility for student government is placed with the students. Regularly enrolled students are encouraged to be participating members of ASCOD, the Associated Students of College of the Desert. The College of the Desert supports an active ASCOD organization. For example, elected ASCOD members are also be appointed to serve as student representatives at the Board of Trustee meetings or as club representatives to the Inter-Club Council. The ASCOD constitution explaining the rules and regulations for providing a governing body, and ASCOD By-Laws stating each elected position's duties and responsibilities, can be found on the button links to the left.

ASCOD Student Senate meetings are currently held through Zoom on Mondays at 2:00 p.m. The Student Senate meeting agendas and Zoom links are posted online every week, located on the "Next ASCOD Agenda" button link, found on the ASCOD and Office of Student Life homepages.

ASCOD Student Senate Mission Statement

As the peer advocates for the students of College of the Desert, we strive to promote higher education, a sense of community, diversity, student involvement and act as your liaison to the faculty, administration and state, to ensure that the needs of the students both social and educational, are enhanced and met. Our purpose is to serve our fellow students, as well as making their College of the Desert Experience, a memorable one.​​​​​​​​​​​