Technology Use Guidelines


The Desert Community College District is continuing to implement a goal to provide students, faculty, administration and staff access to technology resources. The following guidelines were established to facilitate these goals. All users of College of the Desert’s technology resources are presumed to have read and understood these guidelines.

While these guidelines govern use of technology resources campus-wide, an individual campus facility may establish rules for technology resource usage, which supplement (but do not replace or waive) these guidelines.


  • All students, faculty, staff and other authorized users are responsible for seeing that the College of the Desert’s technology resources is used in an effective, efficient, ethical, and lawful manner.

  • All users are responsible for refraining from all acts that waste College of the Desert’s technology resources or prevent others from using them.

  • A user of College of the Desert’s technology resources is prohibited from the unauthorized access to, or dissemination of, confidential records.

  • Each user is responsible for the security and integrity of technology resources assigned and are prohibited from intentionally allowing access to unauthorized users.

  • A user shall not view or transmit any obscene, vulgar, slanderous, offensive, harassing, repetitive or illegal material.

  • Propagating viruses, disrupting services, damaging files, intentional destruction of or damage to equipment, software or data belonging to the College of the Desert is strictly prohibited.

  • No software, copyright material, or peer-to-peer applications may be installed, copied, or used on College of the Desert’s technology resources except as permitted by the owner and by law.

  • All users have the responsibility to report any discovered unauthorized access attempts or other improper usage of College of the Desert’s technology resources.

  • Violation of these guidelines is grounds for loss of technology privileges, as well as discipline or legal sanctions under Federal, State, and local laws.