General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

Purchase Order Defined

The term “purchase order” as used in these terms and conditions means the document entitled “Purchase Order” that the Desert Community College District (DCCD), herein after referred to as District, issued to the Contractor. Where applicable, it also means the following:

  1. Any written solicitation that District issued to the Contract to which the Contractor provided a quote, bid or proposal (including specifications or scopes of services), and amendments to that solicitation.

  2. The quote, bid or proposal submitted by the Contractor in response to the solicitation;

  3. Any written contract entered into between the Contractor and District. If there are any inconsistencies among the documents listed above, the inconsistencies shall be resolved in the order of importance listed above, with the document entitled “Purchase Order” being last in order of importance. The terms and conditions set forth in this Paragraph takes precedence to any conflicting terms and conditions in documents that the Contractor provides.

Contractor shall not begin work or supply equipment, goods or materials to District unless it has received a purchase order from District to do so.

Acceptance and Rejection

Regardless of any terms or conditions to the contrary in Contractor forms or documents, District shall have all the rights and remedies specified in this paragraph. District shall have a reasonable time after delivery of goods to inspect them. District is not obligated to pay for those goods until it has had the opportunity to inspect them, and has accepted them. District may reject goods if, prior to final acceptance, the goods are found to be defective or not as specified. In the case of services, District is not obligated to pay for them until it has finally accepted the services, in the case of construction, is occupying or otherwise using the facility where the construction has occurred. District is entitled to all other remedies under applicable law, including the right to revoke acceptance of nonconforming goods. Contractor shall reimburse District for all direct, indirect, incidentals, and consequential costs related to nonconforming goods or services. Notwithstanding final acceptance and payment, Contractor shall be liable for latent defects, fraud, or such gross mistakes as amount to fraud. Acceptance of performance shall not waive the right to claim damages for breach, negligence, product liability, or any other act or omission covered by the indemnity provisions of the Purchase Order Terms and Conditions.

Assignment and Delegation

The Contractor shall not assign any right nor delegate any duty under this purchase order without the prior written approval of an authorized District Contract Officer. District shall not unreasonably withhold approval.


An authorized District Contract Officer shall not assign any right nor delegate any duty under this purchase order without the prior written approval of an authorized District Contract Officer. District shall not unreasonably withhold approval.

Cancellation for Conflict of Interest

Pursuant to California Education Code 94170, District may cancel this purchase order without penalty or further obligation if any person significantly involved in the initiating, negotiating, securing, drafting or creating the purchase order on behalf of District is or becomes at any time while the purchase order or an extension of the purchase is in effect an employee of or a consultant to any other party of this purchase order with respect to the subject matter of the purchase order. The cancellation shall be effective when the Contractor receives written notice of the cancellation unless the notice specified a later time.


The Contractor shall comply with California State Education Codes and all other applicable Federal and State laws, rules and regulations, including the Americans with Disabilities Act.


If prompt payment discounts apply to this purchase, any discount time will not begin until the materials, supplies, or services have been received and accepted and correct invoice received by the appropriate District Department. In the event testing is required prior to acceptance, the discount time shall begin upon completion of the tests.

Excise Tax

DCCD is exempt from Federal Excise Tax.

Out-of-State Tax

District pays out-of-state use tax directly to the State of California.


In the event of any proceedings, voluntary or involuntary, in bankruptcy or insolvency, by or again the Contractor, or for the appointment of a receiver or trustee or an assignee for the benefit of creditors, District shall be entitled to cancel the purchase order without liability.


The Contractor agrees to permit access to its facilities, subcontractor facilities and the Contractor’s processes for producing the materials, at reasonable times, for inspection of the materials covered under this purchase. District shall also have the right to test at its own cost the materials to be supplied under this purchase order. Neither inspection at the Contractor’s facilities nor testing shall constitute final acceptance of the materials. If District determines non-compliance of the materials, the Contractor shall be responsible for the payment of all costs incurred by District for testing and inspection.

Applicable Laws

The laws and education codes of the State of California shall apply to the performance and interpretation of this purchase order. Any provision required to be included in a contract of this type by any applicable and valid Executive order, federal, state or local law, ordinance, rule of regulation shall be deemed to be incorporated into this purchase order.

Patent and Copy Right Indemnity

Contractor shall indemnify District against all losses, liabilities, lawsuits, claims, expenses (including attorney’s fees), costs, and judgments incurred through third parties claims of infringement of any copyright, patent, trademark or other intellectual property rights.

Risk of Loss

The Contractor shall bear all loss of conforming material covered under this Contract until received by authorized personnel at the location designated in the purchase order. Mere receipt does not constitute final acceptance. The risk of loss for nonconforming materials shall remain with the Contractor regardless of receipt.

Force Majeure

Except for payment of sums due, neither party shall be liable to the other nor deemed in default under this Contract if and to the extent that such party’s performance of this Contract is prevented by reason of force majeure. The term “force majeure” means an occurrence that is beyond the control of the party affected and occurs without its fault or negligence. Without limited the foregoing, force majeure includes acts of God; acts of the public enemy; war; riots; strikes; mobilization; labor dispute; civil disorders; fire; flood; lockouts; injections- intervention-acts; or failures or refusals to act by government authority; and other similar occurrences beyond the control of the party declaring force majeure which such party is unable to prevent by exercising reasonable diligence.

Title and Delivery

Unless stated otherwise in the purchase order, all prices shall be freight on board (F.O.B.) Destination and shall include all delivery and unloading at the destination identified in the purchase order. Title to the materials and supplies shall pass to District upon acceptance at the F.O.B. point specified, subject to the right of District to reject for any exception to the delivery date specified; Contractor shall give prior notification and obtain approval from District’s Purchasing Department. Time is of the essence and the purchase order is subject to termination for failure to deliver on time.


  1. Liens: The Contractor warrants that the materials supplied under this purchase order are free of liens.

  2. Quality: Unless otherwise modified elsewhere in these terms and conditions, the Contractor warrants that, for one year after acceptance by District of the materials, they shall be:

  3. Of a quality to pass without objection in the trade under the purchase order description;

  4. Fit for the intended purposes for which the materials are used;

  5. Within the variations permitted by the purchase order and are of even kind, quantity, and quality within each unit and among all units;

  6. Adequately contained, packaged and marked as the purchase order may require; and

  7. Conform to the written promises or affirmations of fact made by the Contractor.

  8. Fitness: The Contractor warrants that any material supplied to the District shall fully conform to all requirements of the purchase order and all representations of the Contractor, and shall be fit for all purposes and uses required by the purchase order.

  9. Inspection or Testing: Inspection or testing of or payment for the materials does not affect the Warranties set forth in subparagraphs A through C of this paragraph by District.

  10. Exclusions: Except as otherwise set forth in this purchase order, there are no express or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness.


To be paid, Contractor must submit an itemized invoice referencing a valid purchase order number. The invoice must specify the services, equipment goods, or materials provided, which must match the description in the purchase order; the dates of and work performed or the equipment, goods, or materials were provided; and the specific dollar amount owed. Payment shall be subject to the provisions of the Acceptance and Rejection clause of these Purchase Order Terms and Conditions. Contract shall be paid at the end of the Contract unless a schedule of progress payments for work performed is agreed to in writing with the District Contract Officer. Invoices for progress payments must specify the actual work performed. If District has agreed in writing to reimburse the travel expenses of the Contractor, District will do so according to its policies and rates applicable to its employees. Contractor must submit an invoice for nay travel reimbursement requested, specifying its expenses, and attach original receipts for airfare and hotel expenses.


To the fullest extent permitted by law, Contractor shall defend, indemnify, and hold harmless District, its agents, officers, officials, employees, and volunteers from and against all claims, damages, losses, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney fees and court costs) arising from the acts, errors, mistakes, omissions, work or service of Contractor, its agents, employees, or any tier of Contractor’s subcontractors in the performance of this purchase order. The amount and type of insurance coverage requirements set forth in Paragraph 20 (Insurance) will in no way be construed as limiting the scope of indemnification in this Paragraph.


Unless an authorized District Contract Officer instructs the Contractor otherwise, Contractor shall maintain during the term of this purchase order insurance policies described below issued by companies licensed in California with an acceptable California State Department of Insurance Rating. Before providing any services or supplying any equipment, goods or materials, Contractor shall furnish the DCCD Purchasing Department with certificates of insurance evidencing the required coverages, conditions, and limits required by this purchase order at the district address.

The insurance policies, except those for Worker’s Compensation or Professional Liability, shall be endorsed to name Desert Community College District, its agents, officers, officials, employees, and volunteers as additional insured. In the event any insurance policies required by this Agreement are written on a “claims made” basis, coverage shall extend for two years past completion and acceptance of Contractor’s work, services, equipment, goods or materials, and must be evidenced by annual certificates of insurance. The insurance policies shall be endorsed stating they shall not expire, be cancelled, suspended, voided or materially changed without 30 days written notice by certified mail to the DCCD Purchasing Office. Contractor’s insurance must be primary, and any insurance or self-insurance maintained by District shall not contribute to it. If any part of the Agreement is subcontracted, these insurance requirements also apply to all subcontractors. Insurance coverage required under this purchase order, unless the authorized District Contract Officer instructs Contractor otherwise, is:

  1. Commercial General Liability insurance with a limit of not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence for bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, products and completed operations, and blank contractual coverage, including but not limited to, the liability assumed under the indemnification provisions of this purchase order;

  2. Automobile Liability insurance with a combined single limit for bodily injury and property damage of no less than $1,000,000 each occurrence with respect to Contractor’s owned, hired, and non-owned vehicles;

  3. Workers’ Compensation insurance with limits statutorily required by any Federal or state law and Employer’s Liability insurance of not less than $100,000 for each accident, $100,000 disease for each employee, and $500,000 disease policy limit; and

  4. Professional Liability insurance, if applicable, covering acts, errors, mistakes, and omissions arising out of the work or services performed by Contractor, or any person employed by Contractor, with a limit of not less than $1,000,000 each claim.


  1. District may terminate this purchase order for convenience by giving Contractor 15 days’ written notice of termination.

  2. A non-breaching party may terminate this purchase order for the failure of the other party to comply with this purchase order by giving that other party 10 days’ written notice of the failure to comply.

Property Rights

District shall, at all times, retain ownership in and the rights to any creative works, research data, reports, designs, recordings, graphical representations or works of similar nature (Works) to be delivered under this purchase order. Contractor agrees that the Works are “works for hire” and assigns all the Contractor’s right, title and interest to District.

Funds Unavailable

District may cancel this purchase order if, in future fiscal years, funds become unavailable for the support of the program for which the services, equipment, goods or materials are provided.


Contractor certified that it is an independent contractor; provides services to other customers; maintains insurance; sets its own priorities on time and hours of work; provides its own supplies; and determines the means of delivering services.

Advertising and Promotion

The Contractor shall not advertise or publish information for commercial benefit concerning this purchase order without the prior written approval of District.


District may, by written notice, terminate this purchase order, in whole or in part, if District determines that employment or a gratuity was offered or made by the Contractor or a representative of the Contractor to any officer or employee of District for the purpose of influencing the outcome of the procurement or securing the Contract, an amendment to the Contract, or favorable treatment concerning the Contract, including the making of any determination or decision about contract performance. District, in addition to any other rights or remedies, shall be entitled to recover exemplary damages in the amount of three times the value of the Gratuity offered by the Contractor.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974

If Contractor has access to students’ education records, Contractor shall limit its employees’ access to the records to those persons for whom access is essential to the performance of this contract. At all times during this contract, Contractor shall comply with the terms of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 in all respects.

Certification Regarding Debarment, Suspension or Other Ineligibility

(Applicable to all agreements funded in part or whole with federal funds)

  1. Supplier agrees to comply with applicable federal suspension and debarment regulations, including but not limited to, regulations implementing Executive Order 12549 (29 C.F.R. Part 98).

  2. Supplier certified to the best of its knowledge, and belief that it and its principals:

  3. Are not presently debarred, suspended proposed for debarment, declared ineligible, or voluntarily excluded from covered transactions by any federal department or agency.

  4. Have not, within a three-year period preceding the receipt of this purchase order, been convicted of, or had a civil judgment rendered against them, for: (a) Commission of fraud or a criminal offense in connection with obtaining, attempting to obtain, or performing a public (federal, State or Local) or private transaction or contract; (b) Violation of Federal or State antitrust statutes; (c) Commission of embezzlement, theft, forgery, bribery, falsification or destruction or records, making false statements, tax evasion, receiving stolen property, making false claims, or obstruction of justice; or (d) commission of any other offense indicated a lack of business integrity or business honesty that seriously and directly affects Suppliers present responsibility;

  5. Are not presently indicated for, or otherwise criminally or civilly charged by any government entity (Federal, State or Local), with commission of any of the offenses enumerated in b.(2) above, of the Certification;

  6. Have not, within a three-year period preceding the receipt of this purchase order had one or more public transaction (Federal, State or Local) terminated for cause or default;

  7. Shall not, except as otherwise provided under applicable federal regulations, knowingly enter into any lower tier covered transaction with a person who is proposed for debarment, debarred, suspended, declared ineligible, or voluntarily excluded by and federal department or agency from participation in such transaction; and

  8. Include in all lower tier covered transactions and all solicitations for covered transactions, provisions substantially similar to those set forth herein.

Information and Communication Technology

For purchase orders, including contracts, which procure information and communication technology, including but not limited to, software; operating systems; web-based intranet and internet information, documents and applications; electronic content including documents; telecommunications products; video or multimedia products; self-contained closed products such as copiers and computers, the vendor hereby warrants that the products or services to be provided under this purchase comply with the accessibility requirements of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, and its implementing regulations. Vendor agrees to provide the information as described in Desert Community College District Voluntary Product Accessibility Template and Accessibility Conformance Report Requirements. Vendor agrees to respond promptly to and resolve all reported issues regarding accessibility of its products or services that are brought to its attention. Vendor further agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the District from and against any claim arising out of its failure to comply with these requirements. Failure to comply with these requirements shall constitute a breach and be grounds for termination of this agreement.

View the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template and Accessibility Conformance Report Requirements.

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