Power Outage


  • If the air conditioning is out for more than 30 minutes, it is suggested that the classes be cancelled.

  • After power is back on, in most cases, classes could resume after 1 hour. This is dependent upon the time of day and the length of time of the power outage. Later in the day and a longer outage will require more time to cool off the rooms.


  • Phones will last for 30 minutes, based on the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) connected to the network switch in each building.

  • Computers should be shut down and turned off.

  • Other equipment can stay plugged in.


  • Staff will have access to phones for 30 minutes but not to computers.

  • Campus wireless access will also last for about 30 minutes. If the mobile device has an independent wire-less/data plan, it will continue to work.

  • Lighting will be from windows and from emergency lighting which will vary from building to building.

  • Most bathroom facilities will have emergency lighting.

  • If power is out for more than 1 hour, Executive Cabinet makes call about sending non-essential staff home.

Child Development Center

  • After event occurs, it takes about 45 minutes for phone calls to be made to parents and for last child to be picked up.

Disabled Students Programs and Services

  • Many students use the Sun Bus and schedules may not coincide with above time line.

  • Access to appropriate bathroom facilities should be identified.


  • Security will check elevators to ensure that no one is stuck.


  • Email will be sent to COD distribution list (staff and faculty) with all known information.

  • Admissions and Records will send email to students with all known information.

  • Information Technology will have access to a computer to update our web pages with all known information.

  • When the Rave alert system is operational, text messages will be sent to students, faculty and staff.