DCCD Website Acceptable Use Guidelines

Acceptable Use Guidelines

Authorized users may use College of the Desert’s technology resources for development of personal websites as a learning tool. The development and maintenance of such a website is subject to the following guidelines, as well as the Desert Community College District Technology Resource Acceptable Use Guidelines.

  • The author of a website may not use the site to advertise personal services, whether or not for financial gain, nor for any commercial purpose.

  • A website may not be created in such a way as to allow any person unauthorized access to College of the Desert’s technology resources.

  • The author of a website is solely responsible for the contents of the site. The home page of a personal website must display, or link to, the following disclaimer in a conspicuous manner:

    "This site is authored and maintained by [name of author]. It is not an official website of Desert Community College District, and Desert Community College District is not responsible for the contents of this site."

  • College of the Desert does not endorse the contents of any personal website. It is solely the author's responsibility to ensure that the personal website comply with all relevant Standards, as well as state and federal law, and any relevant policy of Desert Community College District.

Upon discovery of a violation of any guideline, College of the Desert may unilaterally delete a personal website from its technology resources and terminate the author’s access to those resources.