Parking Adjudication Process

(To View Pay, or Appeal a citation)

You must have your citation number and license plate available.

You may also pay by mail or in person.  To pay by mail you can place a check or money order payable to College of the Desert in an envelope addressed to:

College of the Desert
%Parking Citation Service Center
P.O. Box 11923
Santa Ana, CA 92711

To pay in person on the Palm Desert Campus you may bring the citation with cash, credit card or a check/money order to the Bursar’s Counter (Check office hours 760-568-7510). The Bursar’s Counter is located in the Cravens Student Service Center first floor as you enter the double doors on the south side of the building off parking lot 2.

(n) the act of pronouncing judgement based on the evidence presented.
  • Purpose:

    • To provide reasonably quick informal hearings of contested parking violations and to ensure that an individual’s constitutional rights are maintained through access to fair and impartial administrative hearings.

  • Authority:

    • California Vehicle Code Section 23113.  

Parking Violations:

There are (2) levels to adjudicating parking violations(s):

  • Level 1 consists of an appeal/administrative review.

  • Level 2 consists of an administrative hearing
    (personal or written options available).

Parking violations are legal documents.  The public safety officers who write citations are mandated to carry out this authority by the California Vehicle code and the CA Chancellors office.

Under no circumstances shall a personal relationship with any officer, staff or law enforcement agency be grounds for dismissal or cancellation of a citation. By California law, the registered owner of a vehicle is liable for all citations issued to that vehicle.


You may request an Administrative Review of a citation within 21 days of the issue date (40215 CVC).  Parking citation appeals are available online only.  If you should need assistance, come to the Public Safety Department office.

  1. Fill out the Contest of Parking Violation form.

  2. Indicate why the vehicle was not in violation.

  3. Include copies of any documentation to support your claim (documents will not be returned).

  4. Include your citation or reminder notice.

    Mail all information to:

    College of the Desert Public Safety Department
    South Annex 16
    43500 Monterey Avenue
    Palm Desert, CA 92260-2499
  5. Fine is placed on hold until a decision is made. Review results will be mailed.

  • I forgot to register my vehicle.
  • I was only parked there a few minutes.
  • I drove a different car.
  • Someone else was driving my car.
  • I didn’t see the signs.
  • I couldn’t find another place to park.
  • My teacher/or someone else said I could park there.
  • Student parked in Public Parking to go to Public Library.

Payment Plans are available

Pursuant to California Vehicle Code and AB 503 payment plans are available or those with multiple unpaid parking tickets or indigent circumstances.  For more information, please visit the PayMyCite Payment Plan Site or you may call 1-(888) 300-9915.

Payments or appeals must be made within 21 days of the issuance of the citation.  

Payments or appeals not made with in the 21 days of issuance are subject to an additional $30.00 penalty for each violation.

The total citation fee will be forwarded to the Department of Motor Vehicles to REFUSE REGISTRATION of the vehicle until all penalties are paid (4760 CVC).