A message from Professor Kurt Leuschner:

I’d like to remind you that’s it’s easy to recycle and it’s the right thing to do. I challenge you to keep improving and do even more this semester than you have in the past. If you need any help or advice in this regard please contact me. 760-776-7285 or by email. In front of my office (A1A in Agricultural Science) you can drop off any used personal-sized ink cartridges for recycling. I also accept used eyeglasses and cell phones that can be reused or recycled. If you send something via campus mail please wrap it lightly and mark it – Kurt Leuschner, ASBU. (Large copy machine ink cartridges (roller type) should be sent directly to Charles in the Warehouse for recycling). For advice on recycling e-waste (electronics), compact fluorescent bulbs, or household batteries, please contact me and I’ll help you out. None of these items should be thrown in the regular trash.

Requests for recycle bins should be made to the Maintenance Dept. or in some cases I can help you directly.

Thanks again and let’s keep our campus green.

Kurt M. Leuschner
Professor of Natural Resources
College of the Desert
School of Applied Sciences and Business

43500 Monterey Avenue
Palm Desert, CA 92260
Phone: (760) 776-7285