Classified Staff Development Fund

Who is eligible to receive funds?

Any College of the Desert classified bargaining unit employee who is employed in a regular classification for at least twenty (20) hours per week (.50 to 1.0 FTE) is eligible for funding.

What can these funds be used for?

Staff Development funds may be used for registration fees and travel expenses related to attendance for seminars, etc. related to the employees work.

Expenditures are limited to the maximum annual amount of $1200 per individual.

Funds cannot be used to pay salary costs.

What terms are funds available?

Funds are granted for academic year July 1st to June 30th.

When should I apply for funding?

As soon as the staff member is aware of the conference or workshop opportunity that fits the guidelines, they should submit their application to the Staff Development Committee for review and consideration. With that said, all requests should be made at least four weeks prior to the first date of the event to allow for adequate review.

How much money can any individual applicant receive?

A staff member can receive up to $1200 in funding per college fiscal year (July 1 - June 30). Funding may not be granted when it is judged by the
CSDC that the estimated expenditure is either unnecessary or excessive.

How is funding allocated?

Funds are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis. As the academic year progresses, staff will be competing for diminishing funding, which subsequently makes receiving a funding award more competitive. Classified staff are encouraged to apply for funding as soon as they are aware of a professional or personal development opportunity.

How does the staff member apply for these funds?

The completed Classified Staff Application with required documentation (see list below) must be submitted to the Chair of the CSDC. The application packet will be date stamped upon receipt.

Required Documents:

  1. A statement by the employee as to how participation in seminar, event or session will benefit them in their current position at College of the Desert.

  2. A College of the Desert Travel Authorization form completed, signed by the staff member & their supervisor.

  3. Documentation for all costs outlined on Travel Authorization form including GSA per diem rates for location of event and mileage chart. Funds may not be used to pay per diem over the allowed Federal GSA amount (see link: GSA Per Diem Rates Look-Up).

  4. Sponsoring organization overview (Note: Applicants must provide the full name of the sponsoring organization rather than submitting an acronym only.).

  5. Completed event registration

  6. Event schedule and session details