Members and Terms 2024-2025

Total Membership: 37

Voting: 31 (Faculty: 15, Leadership: 10, Confidential: 1, Classified Staff: 3, Students:2)

Non-Voting: 6

(1) Tri-Chair: Leadership  TBD No
(2) Tri-Chair: Faculty  TBD  No 
(3) Tri-Chair: Classified Staff  TBD  No 
Academic Senate President Corbyn Wild  No
Academic Unit Rep: Arts & Media TBA TBA
Academic Unit Reps: Applied Sciences TBA TBA
Academic Unit Reps: Business 

Pablo Romero                alt. Daniel Cooper

Academic Unit Reps: Communications & Humanities Suria Vazquez 9/22 – 6/25
Academic Unit Reps: General Counseling TBA  
Academic Unit Reps: Health Sciences & Education Adrian Casas 9/22 – 6/25
Academic Unit Reps: Library, Distance Ed. & SSS

Juan Moreno Ibarra       alt. Donna Greene

9/22 – 6/25
Academic Unit Reps: Math & Computer Science TBA  
Academic Unit Reps: Science & Engineering


Academic Unit Reps: Social Sciences TBA  
CODFA Union President Oceana Collins No
CODAA President Catherine Levitt No
Faculty Representative  TBA  No 
Adjunct Representative  TBA No
CSEA President Omar Fimbres  No
Classified Representative TBA No 
ASCOD President TBA  No
Student Trustee Felipe Robles  No
Classified Supervisor TBA  No 
Confidential Staff  TBA  No 
Dean  TBA No 
Dean TBA No
Leadership  TBA  No 
Education Centers Director TBA No
Executive Director of Ed Technology Stuart Davis No
Vice President, Administrative Services Rod Garcia  No
Vice President, Human Resources and Employee Relations Diana Galindo No
Vice President, Student Services Val Martinez Garcia  No
Interim Vice President, Instruction TBA  No
Executive Director, Institutional Advancement  Vacant Non-voting member
Director of Institutional Research Oxana Aghaei  Non-voting member
Outcomes & Assessment Committee Chair Kristie Camacho  Non-voting member
Director, Student Life Carlos Maldonado Non-voting member
Director, Student Success & Outreach  Katie Chartier Non-voting member
Executive Director, Bond Program & Facilities Planning  John White  Non-voting member