Student Learning and Success Re-alignment (Spring 2015)

Guiding Principles

The following guiding principles will be used to assist in the development of an overall student success and student learning organizational chart. Although we must acknowledge that no organizational chart is perfect, the use of guiding principles can drive decisions and can be distributed to ensure that feedback and suggestions conform with intent to achieving the guiding principles.

  1. Achieve relative balance in the roles of Dean of Student Success and Student Learning relative to overall workload.

    1. Full-time Equivalent Faculty

    2. Full-time Equivalent Students

    3. Equipment/Lab driven curriculum

    4. Facility's needs

    5. Other

  2. Achieve school structure which aligns

    1. like (synergistic) curriculum

    2. capitalizes on opportunities for innovation

    3. leverages of resources (human, technology, facility)

    4. Other

  3. Establish department structures which considers

    1. The Palm Desert Campus

    2. Indio Campus

    3. Mecca/Thermal Campus

    4. Emerging east and west valley locations.

  4. Assumes that the role of Department Chair will be consistent and well defined

  5. Develop manageable school structures which fosters the ability for

    1. Deans to work closely with the Department Chairs and executive leadership

    2. Professional Development (the size of departments, schools, programs, as well as the breadth of responsibility can influence access and time to focus on development of leaders)

  6. Assume that each department will be represented by a senator

Student Learning and Success Re-alignment Diagram