Mentees that have Recieved Fulltime Positions

There are no words to express how grateful I am to the Faculty Mentor Program.The Faculty Mentor Program provided the guidance I needed to polish my interview skills, showcase my experience, and to truly demonstrate my passion and dedication to the students. My mentor, Dr. Alison Airhart, was instrumental in my journey. I am and will be forever grateful to the program and Dr. Airhart!

- Senorina Saldivar, Fulltime Counselor

Hola bienvenidos, my name if Victoria and I am a full-time tenure track counselor at College of the Desert. My experience in the Faculty Mentor Program was welcoming, supportive, and very enlightening. When I started the program I was transitioning from adjunct counselor to non-tenure full-time faculty.  My mentor, Maria Herrera was an amazing resource, and provided helpful tips, experiences, and suggestions in navigating the hiring, on-boarding, and tenure track processes on full-time positions. I am happy to say that with hard work, grit, and a great mentor, it was a success. As a full time counselor, I am living our my purpose, fueled by my passion in being a guide, advocate, and mentor for my students and college community.

- Victoria Buatista, Fulltime Counselor

I am so thankful to the COD faculty mentor program while I was still an adjunct. My mentor helped me to better understand the responsibilities of a full time faculty member. I was encouraged and supported to ask questions I normally would have been nervous to ask. The mock interview helped me to feel more comfortable with interviewing. And, the social activities that the mentor program offered allowed me to meet and connect with other members on campus. Thank you so much!

- Heather Basye, Fulltime Counselor

"The faculty mentorship has provided me with specialized guidance in my field. Scott Cooper is a wonderful mentor who has really taken the time to get to know me and support the unique needs for growth that I have as a counselor. As someone who recently became tenure, his guidance could not have come at a better time. I truly appreciate the creation of this faculty membership program to help support me as a new full-time faculty member. I look forward to bringing forth all that I have learned with him to be the best counselor I can be, for students."

- Evelyn Trejo, Fulltime Counselor

Other Fulltime Mentees

The College of the Desert Mentor Program was a tremendous experience. I believe that it is important for new faculty members to experience a warm and welcoming academic environment.  The Mentor Program was welcoming, organized and structured.  I was fortunate to have Dr. Airhart as my mentor.  We met monthly both by Zoom and in-person to ensure that I was on track and understood academic procedures.  Dr. Airhart was very knowledgeable, responsive, professional, welcoming and caring.   I found the COD Mentor Program to be extremely helpful and beneficial.

- Gwendolyn Earle, MBA, ACUE

Image of Mentor Mentee


"The mentor program is outstanding. I'm fortunate to have a mentor who has received tenure and able to explain the process and expectations to me as new full-time faculty. My mentor is a joy to work with and very professional with a positive outlook and great personality. It is obvious that my mentor cares about College of the Desert and helping to achieve success for both students and faculty."

-Anonynous Survey


"I couldn't imagine trying to navigate everything without a faculty mentor. I am thankful this program exists and I hope you keep it going for future new faculty cohorts."

-Anonynous Survey