Planning Process

The purpose of effective information technology planning is to connect institutional priorities with technology goals. This approach looks at strategic planning as a process that seeks to clarify what the institution is, what it wants to be, and how technology can be employed to successfully make the transition.

Projects should be integrated within the College’s greater planning process. The planning of technology projects that fit within a specific department, administrative body, or institution-wide plan should be done in coordination with that entity and in accordance with the entity’s objectives.

  • There should be a ​need ​​and desired outcome identified and documented.

  • Consideration should be given as to whether a project can be consolidated with similar requests.

  • Whenever possible, the end user(s) or their closest representative(s) should be consulted prior to the finalization of the planning process, and their input should be prioritized.

  • ​Technological improvements that reduce the overall utility for the end user (changes necessary for security purposes that negate the use of essential software, for example) must include a detailed plan to equal or exceed the previous level of utility within a reasonable amount of time.

This planning document is part of an over-arching planning process that ensures the following:

  • ​The plan supports the district and college’s statements of vision, mission and goals.

  • ​The plan disseminates knowledge about technology needs and constraints.

  • The plan addresses key institutional, academic and community needs via technology.

The following list of planning documents is used to align the priorities of the district and the College of the Desert.

  • College of the Desert Strategic Master Plan

  • ​Annual Program Review Updates

  • ​Annual PEP’s and PEP-UP’s

In addition to the annual program review process, projects can be identified throughout the course of the year as opportunities present. The Request Form for Technology Projects (opens PDF) has been created for use in helping to identify and communicate the full scope and the total cost of technology projects.​​​

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