Frequently Asked Questions

(Last Updated June 23, 2020)

Please see some of the answers to the Frequently Asked Questions for the portal and email.

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After you have submitted the Online Admissions Application, allow two business days for your application to be processed.

New Students

New students will receive an email sent to the address specified in the Online Application with their Student ID number. The next step is to obtain your portal login.

Returning Students

Your student ID will be reactivated. The next step is to login to portal; if you do not remember your login, you can request assistance to recover your login information.

  • Students who have missed one Fall or Spring semester do not need to reapply to register for the next semester.

  • Students who have missed consecutive Fall and Spring semesters must reapply to register for the next semester.

Canvas is our learning management system that allows you to communicate with your peers, stay informed of upcoming due dates, submit assignments and more.

Once you register, access to your course will be available as follows:

  • Between 6 AM and 12 PM, processed by 2 PM same day

  • Between 12 PM and 7 PM, processed by 9 PM same day

  • Between 7 PM and 6 AM next day, processed by 8 AM the following day

Please note that you may not be able to access your course(s) until the first published day of your class.

Student Email Login

Please note that the login for your student email is not the same as the MyCOD login.

The Email Password is the same as the MyCOD Password.

To reset your password you should use Office 365.

There are three methods you can use to change the password:

  1. Using the two-point authentication:

  2. From the Office 365 login page, you enter your email address and click "Next"

  3. Click on the "Forgot my Password" link

  4. Confirm the UserID, enter in the Captcha data, and click "Next"

  5. Complete two account verifications using the available options you have set up

  6. Type in a new password and confirmation of that password and click "Finish"

  7. The system will log you out and you must log in again with the newly created password

  8. From your profile page once you have logged into Office 365

  9. Once you have logged in, click on the gear icon (settings) in the upper right-hand side of the screen

  10. From the Settings menu, select the Change your password link

  11. Enter the current (old) password, create a new password, confirm that new password, and click the Submit button.

  12. The system will log you out and you must log in again with the newly created password

  13. From the My Account Portal for Office 365

  14. Login at the My Account Portal

  15. Select the Change Password link

  16. Enter the current (old) password, create a new password, confirm that new password, and click the Submit button.

  17. The system will log you out and you must log in again with the newly created password

These are the steps for forwarding your email to another account:

  1. Log into your email account from MyCOD portal.

  2. Open Outlook by clicking on the corresponding icon on the screen or from the menu in the upper left of the screen

  3. Once you have opened Outlook, click on the option icon in upper right (shaped like a gear)

  4. Click on "View all Outlook settings" near the bottom of the menu

  5. Click on "Forwarding" option in the Mail menu

  6. Check the "Enable forwarding" checkbox and enter the email address you want to forward to.

    You should also check the "Keep a copy of forwarded messages" as a back up if you cannot access the forwarding address.

  7. Click Save to save your changes and to activate the email forward.

You can install the desktop version of Office to 5 PCs or Macs, and download the Office apps on up to 5 tablets and 5 phones.

First try the Office 365 help section (via the question mark in the upper right hand corner of the page next to your name) to find many of the common problems and solutions. If you continue to have trouble, you can contact Microsoft support.

There is free video-based training found at or via the Microsoft Channel found in YouTube

Yes. Documents that you have created belong fully to you. You can choose to store them online on OneDrive or locally on your PC or Mac.

If you become unlicensed, you will lose access to all Office 365 apps and your documents inside.

Students become unlicensed when they they are no longer active students.

The documents in the One Drive app will be retained until the user account is deleted.

Accounts are only deleted when you haven't been an active student for one full year.

Internet access is required to install and activate all the latest releases of Office suites and all Office 365 subscription plans.

Internet access is also required to access documents stored on OneDrive, unless you install the OneDrive desktop app.

You should also connect to the Internet regularly to keep your version of Office up to date and benefit from automatic upgrades.
If you do not connect to the Internet at least every 31 days, your applications will go into reduced functionality mode, which means that you can view or print your documents, but cannot edit the documents or create new ones.
To reactivate your Office applications, simply reconnect to the Internet.

You do not need to be connected to the Internet to use the Office desktop applications, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, because the applications are fully installed on your computer.

The easiest and fastest way to order your COD transcripts is online through the Admissions Site.

WebAdvisor allows Students to access their information online. It is where you register for classes, drop classes, add to a waitlist, view a class schedule, view placement test scores, view financial aid information, check your balance, submit payments, print an unofficial transcript, and check grades.

If you click on the WebAdvisor button and it opens to say "Welcome Guest" please close the page and clear your browsers cache.

Here are the instructions for the big four browsers:

  • Internet Explorer:

    Press CTRL + SHIFT + DEL when the browser is open to bring up the "Delete Browsing History" window. Select the bottom seven options and click Delete.

  • Google Chrome:

    Press CTRL + SHIFT + DEL when the browser is open to bring up the "Clear Browsing Data" window. Select All options and choose from "The beginning of time". Click the Clear browsing data button.

  • Mozilla Firefox:

    Press CTRL + SHIFT + DEL when the browser is open to bring up the "Clear All History" window. Choose "Everything" in the Time Range to clear section and click Clear Now.

  • Apple Safari:

    Open History menu and click "Clear History and Website Data" link. Choose "all history" in the Clear option and click Clear History button.

After clearing the History cache you should close your browser and then reopen it. Go back to and try to access WebAdvisor again.