Prepare for a Career in Hospitality Managment

As a leading industry in the Coachella Valley, Hospitality Management offers students excellent job opportunities in a variety of local sectors. With a career in hospitality, students can find employment in hotel operations, travel and tourism, restaurant services, healthcare, community associations, casino and gaming management, club management, plus more.
Though the coronavirus pandemic has affected our way of life and has impacted our various industries, including the hospitality field, it is important to remember that times will get better and that the hospitality industry will open up once again.
During these complicated times, the College encourages you to enroll for online classes this Fall 2020 and prepare yourself for the future job market. Whether you have a passion for food, travel, sports, or guest services, the Coachella Valley’s unique position as a premier travel destination makes this an exciting sector to be a part of. Certificate and associate degrees available in Hospitality Management are not only transferable to related CSU and UC programs, but also qualify you for a variety of employment opportunities.
Many areas within the hospitality industry depend on the work of part-time employees, which is perfect for students who want to gain valuable work experience, while still being able to attend classes. In addition, jobs within the hospitality sector frequently offer industry discounts and opportunities for growth and advancement.
Learn more about this exciting industry by clicking on the video links below and visiting the College’s Hospitality Management Program website.
Hospitality Management Career Pathways

To see the list of open classes available, see the College of the Desert Open Class List and register for courses today!

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