Hospitality Management

Hospitality management is the study of different aspects of management and leadership as they relate to the hospitality industry. Included in the hospitality industry are such sectors as hotels, restaurant, travel services, gaming and entertainment, recreation, managed services, and special events. The AA degree in Hospitality Management will enable students to transfer to universities, including California State Polytechnic University Pomona where a transfer agreement is in place. Transfer requirements at other 4-year institutions may vary so students should consult with a counselor for specific information regarding the transfer requirements for their preferred college or university.

More immediate employment opportunities are also available through this degree without additional higher education preparation. These would include many entry-level and sometimes mid-level management positions in any number of the hospitality sectors. Careers and discipline that generally [but not always] require higher level degrees include general managers, club managers, chefs, and directors of various operational areas in the hospitality sector such as human resource, finances, and operations. Even students who choose not to major in hospitality management find that course work in the field can improve their ability to think critically and solve complex problems, be more aware of their personal abilities/skills, and simply manage in general more effectively.

COD hospitality management curriculum includes course offerings that provide a general overview of the hospitality sector as well as course offering in hospitality operations, cooking, finance and law.

College level skill in English is prerequisite for many of these hospitality management courses.


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